Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Thing Led to Another

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"Tess Jarvis has always been one to wing it, but she's fast realizing that her bank of blag is running out of funds. At 28, is it time to grow up? Maybe having a baby with your best friend isn't the best way to start."

Brianna's Review: I was walking through the book store one day and went to the bargain section, buying this book for $4.99, thinking that when I have no other books to read, I couldn't beat the price. But it was exactly what it was called, a Bargain book, a really good book for a really good price. It is a very quick and simple read, nothing that is going to win any awards or be on the 'top 100 books to read before you die' list, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main character is cute, and her best friend (father of her child) is the sweetest thing ever. If you get a chance to read this book, or see it on sale somewhere, its worth it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Forgotten Garden

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"A foundling, an old book of dark fairy tales, a secret garden, an aristocratic family, a love denied, and a mystery. The Forgotten Garden is a captivating, atmospheric and compulsively readable story of the past, secrets, family and memory from the international best-selling author Kate Morton.

Cassandra is lost, alone and grieving. Her much loved grandmother, Nell, has just died and Cassandra, her life already shaken by a tragic accident ten years ago, feels like she has lost everything dear to her. But an unexpected and mysterious bequest from Nell turns Cassandra's life upside down and ends up challenging everything she thought she knew about herself and her family.

Inheriting a book of dark and intriguing fairytales written by Eliza Makepeace - the Victorian authoress who disappeared mysteriously in the early twentieth century - Cassandra takes her courage in both hands to follow in the footsteps of Nell on a quest to find out the truth abo
ut their history, their family and their past; little knowing that in the process, she will also discover a new life for herself."

Brianna's Review: This book took me a long time to read, but not because it wasn't good! This book was beautifully written. It is a mystery about a family, starting in the 1900's and ending in 2005. The mystery is good, and as she tells the story in different characters views throughout those years, you get lots of clues, but never know whats going to happen until the very end! I thought for sure I knew how it was going to end, but was quite surprised. It's a story about mystery, love, family, relationships, and how much someone wants to remember the past. The way that the author makes her characters out to be is also really well done. For instance, there is one character in the book (if you read it you will know pretty quickly to whom I am speaking about) who is in all ways like a witch in a fairytale, and the way she writes it makes your imagination grow wild. Another thing I loved about this book is how she incorporates fairy-tales. One of the characters writes fairy tales, and she puts a couple of stories in with the book, and after you read them you can see how they relate to the characters. At the end of the novel when everything comes together, you will be surprised, but happy at the same time that the family mystery is finally solved. This is a book that I would definatley recommend, and if anyone is looking for a book club book, I think this book gives a large amount of topics to discuss.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm being pokey!

I am still reading the Forgotten Garden, don't take me wrong, its a very good book, but I have been working crazy hours and had 3 wedding this summer! Can't believe its taking me so long, so hopefully after this weekend I will have a review and will get back in my groove!