Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Thing Led to Another

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"Tess Jarvis has always been one to wing it, but she's fast realizing that her bank of blag is running out of funds. At 28, is it time to grow up? Maybe having a baby with your best friend isn't the best way to start."

Brianna's Review: I was walking through the book store one day and went to the bargain section, buying this book for $4.99, thinking that when I have no other books to read, I couldn't beat the price. But it was exactly what it was called, a Bargain book, a really good book for a really good price. It is a very quick and simple read, nothing that is going to win any awards or be on the 'top 100 books to read before you die' list, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main character is cute, and her best friend (father of her child) is the sweetest thing ever. If you get a chance to read this book, or see it on sale somewhere, its worth it!

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