Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crow Lake

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"Mary Lawson's debut novel concerns a young woman, Kate Morrison, a zoologist who is hundreds of miles away from her childhood home of Crow Lake in the isolated regions of northern Ontario. Yet she can't escape the memories of her past, the car accident that killed her parents, her older brother who took her out to the pond to teach her about the wildlife there, and the violence of the neighbors whose lives were intertwined with her family. Embarking on a new love, Kate must come to grips with her past to fashion her own future. This novel has received high praise from almost all reviewers. The Washington Post calls Crow Lake, "the kind of book that keeps you reading well past midnight; you grieve when it's over."

Brianna's Review: this book was beautifully written. I loved this book from the beginning to the end. It was believable, and understandable, and I love how it is written in the characters view mostly when she was around the ages of 7 and 8. A story that really makes you love your family, and cherish everything that you have.

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