Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Wife's Tale

Read May 2010 * * * * *

“Mary is fat. Not just fat, but morbidly obese. She knows she’s fat (thank you very much) and lives her life in defensive, deflective blame, isolating herself in the small farming town of Leaford, Ontario, the locale of Lori Lansens’ first two novels. Everyone skirts the subject of her weight, the literal elephant in the room. Mary and her husband Gooch have gradually drifted away from each other. On their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Mary’s husband disappears. Bewildered, Mary abandons her sheltered life in pursuit of him across America, encountering a dazzling array of characters and discovering a boundless supply of human kindness in unexpected places. Runaway children, single mothers, taxi drivers, migrant workers and bitter relatives enter her life in chaotic fashion. Pounds melt away as she walks, runs, swims, drives and flies in momentous steps from claustrophobic Leaford to the freedom of California, hermissing husband a spectre dogging each step. She discovers new worlds in hidden pockets of Los Angeles before she arrives at her final destination, the most unexpected surprise of all.”

Brianna's Review: I loved this book. It was hard to set down once I started reading. The characters are amazing and watching them transform throughout the novel was really believable and inspirational. Very light summer read and I would recommend it for sure.

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