Friday, April 23, 2010

Pride & Prejudice

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"The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, moral rightness, education and marriage in her aristocratic society of early 19th century England. Elizabeth is the second eldest of five daughters of a country gentleman landed in the fictional town of Meryton in Hertfordshire, not far from London.

Though the story's setting is uniquely turn of the 19th century, it retains a fascination for modern readers, continuing near the top of lists of 'most loved books' and still receives considerable attention from literary critics. This modern interest has resulted in a number of dramatic adaptations and an abundance of novels and stories imitating Austen's memorable characters or themes."

Brianna's Review: I found that I was very disappointed with this novel. I’m not sure if it is because maybe I am too young to enjoy it or if its because so many people say that it is an amazing book, and its on the top 50 books to read before you die that maybe I had too high of expectations. It took me a very long time to get into because of the writing style, but I shouldn’t have expected more since it was written approximately in 1796. Once I finally understood what was going on, I found it too be boring and you had to concentrate otherwise I found myself rereading the same paragraph three times! I’m sure in the 1800′s this book was excellent. Who knows, maybe if I watch the movie or read it in a few years I will enjoy it more?

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